2 cute / v. clever

Little people made from tape tell you which door you need to disappear behind (love the fragile tape for the female loos - hilarious).  So many retailers/restaurateurs seem to scrimp on the bathrooms. Not so at Venn where a lovely bathroom awaits when you push open the door.

Design Venn Perth

Boat loads of bounty

Ah what a joy it is to discover a brilliant foodie destination. It's definitely upper end (a quick squizz around the car park suggests driving a BMW is mandatory ... but really I think you could roll up on a bicycle and fit right in). Fresh seafood, a bakery and florist sit nicely alongside an abundance of fresh produce. I thought the deli counter was a stand out, likewise the salt brick beef display (personally tagged beef being aged for birthdays and anniversary gifts -  v. impressive - in all my travels I had not seen that before!). The Boatshed was a deliciously memorable destination that almost made me wish I lived in Perth.

The Boatshed Food Perth

Pop the kettle on…

The new Tea Too on Chapel Street is rather dramatic. Love the chandelier made from Turkish tea glasses and striking mosaics.

Food Melbourne

A cut above the rest

My gorgeous foodie friends in the West (Perth) and I seem to connect over steak.  As fortune would have it, last year our paths crossed in Florence (Italy) and we all drooled together over a succulent Bistecca Florentina at Trattoria Mario, an authentic worker's bar/bistro (located just off the main square at San Lorenzo Market) which has been there for half a century or more.  A few months ago we got together again, this time in a butcher shop where quality and simplicity sit very nicely with the steaks and seasonal vegetables. Just like the Trattoria, Torre has also been around for more than half a century and somehow I managed to get a tour of the cool room / back of house without asking (just like I did at Mario's)!  I can't explain why, but this just seems to happen without me asking (and as it is happening the talking bubble over my head generally reads like this...  "WTF?" "It's happening again" "This is hilarious" "I love this blogging caper!"). How could I resist David's smile and super friendly personality? If that doesn't win you over the product will - it's quality all the way.  Torre Butchers, Northbridge, Perth.

Food Perth