Band’s little bit of Wonderland

Kim Band is currently freelancing in London. She was the Creative Director behind the award winning Glasson's (an N.Z. fast fashion brand). Lots of small design detail which I am sure the target demographic loves. I also liked her whimsical pitch for Trellise Cooper's on line presence. via

Louis is always worth a look

LV invest in VM. Love the gorgeous paper shirt campaign currently wowing around the globe.

Louis Vuitton VM Fashion

Blurred vision

Repeat repeat repeat. Clever Calvin Klein windows. Spotted at Chadstone.

Paris? London?

These recent windows for Review were a show stopper. I felt like I could have been walking past Printemps in Paris or Selfridges in London. Nice work Myer.


Myer VM Fashion Melbourne

If the shoe fits

The word on the street in downtown Burwood is that Rubi Shoes is doing very nicely as a result of a store makeover.  Part of the Cotton On group, it would appear that some serious talent from Top Shop has come on board to direct the new look and feel. From what I hear, it is kicking goals with a 'cheap and cheerful' boot or shoe or two!  Nice work Rubi! Spotted at Westfield, Burwood.

VM Westfield Fashion Sydney

A foot in the door …

I hope the shop fitter realised he had some big shoes to fill here. Wintergarden Stage 2 hoarding creative by POD. Print and install by Forbes House. Photography by Steve Ryan.

Mirror mirror on the wall …

Mirror mirror on the wall, I'd say this is one of the fairest hoardings of them all!

Creative concept and install by POD.  Wintergarden, Brisbane.

Harvey’s in Honkers

Harvey Nic's is a stand out on the world VM stage. Their Christmas windows in Hong Kong were just clever clever clever ... and my pick for the 'big budget' stand out moment this season. A stunning composition of everyday objects formed into fabulous props showcase a snippet of super luxe, high-end fashion and accessories. Soles and lasts maketh the shoe. Naturally the key to a woman's heart in Honkers is a high-end brand handbag (just how many keys did it take to make that bag I wonder?) A teddy made from bottle teets is too cute and the cool dude composed of cassette tapes tickled my VM fancy (I am suspicious my new assistant Charmaine's young man was the model for this moment!). Charmaine is off to Honkers again next week. She is on a POD mission to see what daring Year of the Dragon VM and other shopping surprises she can find to share with us. via Italvision.

VM Fashion Hong Kong

Take one peg board

As a general rule, a page always needs white space if you want it to be read. Cole Haan have taken a leaf from this book of design to deliver a pared back, yet highly effective, window. Speed reading skills are not required to understand the story. Via RDB.
VM Fashion New York

A good VM coach

Love B&W. Love simple line drawings. Love this window as seen in downtown Manhattan, NYC. You've got to love Coach.

VM Fashion New York