Forever 21… I wish

It's 4 levels of fashion (I figured that out from the other side of the road).  I liked the fact that you can see this fashion from afar.  It reminded me that I wondered why, when standing on a different street in a different city, had David Jones (the iconic Melbourne dept store undergoing redevelopment) turned their back on Lt Bourke St and internalised their merchandising story?  Who knows... but I'll see if  I can find that pic and post it too.

Forever 21 can be found on the big international brand strip (Top Shop, H&M, Gap etc) in Harajuku.   From what I have read this store does phenomenal foot traffic (1000 lined up for the opening... 1,000,000 through the door in the first 2 months).  Lordy I think I'll call it Forever Cash Up in future.

Forever 21 Fashion Tokyo