If in London, Nic in here

Harvey Nic's food hall in it's current guise has been around for approx. 10+ years. It was fab when it first opened, and it still is. Whilst the historical, and much larger, Harrod's Food Hall just across Sloane Street is the more famous of the two and a 'must visit' particularly if you haven't 'been and seen', I love taking the express elevator to the 5th floor of Harvey Nic's for a foodie snoop then wind my way down through each floor for the latest fashion and shoe finds. The delightful Rebecca Radmore in PR could not have been more accommodating to my request for a visit and chat. Like all high-end, modern multi-channel brands, exclusive lines and first to market are the ways to a customer's heart in these competitive times. I particularly liked the 'Buyer Recommends' shelf moments that showcased new food finds and 'lifestyle' product combinations.  A small outdoor terrace is used for brand experience events with valued suppliers and clients and a colourful pop up patisserie championing an up and comer on the London bakery scene was a new innovation whilst I was in town. Always good for a contemporary foodie gift to take home, the signature sepia/grey tones of the Harvey Nic's food packaging is quirky and fun, and has been from day one.