Limited thinking

SONY DSC I spotted this through H&M's window in Hong Kong a couple of months back. It sums up one of the shifts in retail. Whilst we have seen 'exclusively on line' for some time now, I notice stores on the high streets are playing in this space too. I spied quite a few 'special collections/collaborations, available only  in store, for a limited time' during my OS retail snoop earlier this year.  As I sit and tap this out, I guess I am wondering just how many 'of these' items H&M made? What was the quality of the fabric and tailoring (if you can call mass production that)?, and, if it's gone tomorrow do we really care?  I think we are all pretty confident 'they' (meaning global, volume retailers) will be rolling in another rack of 'must have' designer threads real soon and whatever it was you grabbed before it was gone is likely to be forgotten whilst filed in the the bottom of the ironing basket or, if you're a bright young thing on a budget, traded on ebay before the seams split. Not that I'm 'having a crack' at H&M or the quality of their clothing mind you. I think they are seriously on top of the retail game. I'm just wondering out loud about the whole fast / volume fashion category and where it's trending? Contact me with clues, or like this on Facebook if you agree.

H&M Fashion Hong Kong

Definitely not a Dionne Doorway

There are no shop windows on the façade and it has a narrow entry ... not the best start really.

H&M has been really clever and used LED light, colour, graphics and motion to capture the attention of the passing parade.  Looked like it was working to me, as there were plenty of people piling in on this particular Saturday afternoon.  Without it I'd say this shop was destined to be a 'Dionne'.

Note:  'Dionne' is a highly technical term coined by my very self a few years ago when reviewing in centre signage for Westfield.  For those of you who are under 40 then let me explain... Motown diva Dionne Warwick had a big hit a guzzilion years ago  ...  'walk on by'.  If anyone can come up with a more contemporary artist/song reference that becomes part of my vernacular then I'll give you a prize (anything by Whitney Houston is automatically disqualified).

H&M Fashion Barcelona