Rustic by The Roadside


I seem to be obsessed with small sheds and roadside stalls this week. Melbourne's The Roadside Stall florist was my pick for best in show at the MIFGS last month. Rustic, reclaimed props, terracotta pots of succulents and big rolls of natural twine & brown paper supported a stunning show of sunflowers, tulips, lillies and chrysanthemum.  Loved the gravel by Eco Group which is made from 100% recycled bricks. #byjoost

You can find the stall in Monbulk or Spring Street or discover more on or


Something old, something new

At long last Canberra has a new airport. I spotted these shiny new 'gas bottle' lights at Hudson's Coffee on my way home last week. I wonder if the designer took their inspiration from Joost Bakker who made a whole lot of bowls from recycled old gas bottles for his Greenhouse restaurant on St Georges Terrace in Perth?

Design Joost Perth

Cool new crop

Ridgway Place was blooming with fresh basil and  tall tulips last night.  Joost has taken to the streets with a truck full of sustainably grown flowers and aromatic herbs.   Urban Crop will be in various locations around Melbourne over the next 8 weeks.  The Bedford full of blooming bulbs will be parked outside Batch Espresso, 320 Carlisle Street Balaclava this Saturday (15th May).  I recommend you kick start the weekend with  a good latte and a bunch of tulips.

Joost Other Melbourne