Monochromatic Moments in Time

POD_Katharine Morling1POD_Katharine Morling4POD_Katharine Morling6POD_Katharine Morling3POD_Katharine Morling2

Katharine Morling is a UK ceramicist, and a rather fabulous one at that!  The images above are of her exquisite sculptures of familiar objects from times now past. Formed from milky white porcelain, the monochromatic hand drawn detail is fired without glaze to accentuate the 'drawn' quality and detail of the work.

The artist herself says of her craft ...  "I see my work as 3 dimensional drawings. Each piece, on the surface, an inanimate object, has been given layers of emotion and embedded with stories, which are open for interpretation in the viewer’s mind. When put together, the pieces combine to make a tableau staging the still lives of everyday objects. The life size pieces and the unexpectedness of the scale create a slightly surreal experience."