Oh Boy

POD_bing boy_melb central Bing Boy is a newbie on the quick service food scene. It is the Asian version of a French Creperie. Omelette is cooked to order, filled with yummy things like BBQ duck, cucumber, sweet & sour carrot, salad and hoisin sauce, then wrapped and it's good to go. I particularly like the clean graphics and easy to read menu format. Look for it on the lower / station level at Melbourne Central.

All the world’s a stage…

Lula Mae attracted plenty of attention with her debut performance at Melbourne Central (a pop up store made from cardboard and embellished with fab illustrations). Her new store is a more permanent structure that still plays on theatrics (my first thought was that it might have been inspired by the Speigel Tent given it is such a hit on the Melbourne arts scene). The shop front harks back to a long gone vaudville era, rich red velvet stage curtains frame the fashion event that is playing in store, canvas backdrops and trees prop the threads on the program. So different. So not boring. So refreshing. So love it. So thank you Lula Mae.  BTW ... I assume this is also a collaborative effort by Breathe Architecture (they did the pop up) ... I was in a hurry and didn't have time to stop and chat to the staff. Would love to know more about who and how collaborated on this one so, if you know, let me know!  Lula Mae, Level 2, Melbourne Central.

Now baking…

Cupcakes have enjoyed a strong run for the past 5 or more years here in Oz. Lots of cute shops have appeared. What I liked about Cupcake Central (aside from the simple black and white finishes palette and retro branding) is the show kitchen where you can see your favorite flavour being baked and iced. Pop in for a peek, you'll find CCC upstairs in the food court area of Melbourne Central.

Melbourne Central Food

Step and repeat

A clever Converse brand conversation happening whilst the store was under construction at Melbourne Central. Love the look now the hoarding is down too!

Tell tale tiles

Have the loo's on the cafe laneway level of Melbourne Central always looked like this? If so, I hate being the last one in the know! Love the dramatic B&W city scape story telling.

Designer dining

Melbourne Central's new dining hall has served up delicious graphics as an entry entree, some mouthwatering mosaics for the main and  a sprinkling of moooi if you'd like to take a moment to relax after you've eaten.

Kitchen garden

GPT is a first mover in the industry when it comes to sustainability and adopting the 'town centre' approach to shopping centre design (think Rouse Hill). They have formed an association with foodie legend Stephanie Alexander and her inspiring Stephanie's Kitchen Garden foundation. I spotted this garden at Melbourne Central yesterday. Making the most of the currently inactive 'Myer' link bridge, GPT has created a green oasis to provide shoppers with a sunny spot to stop and smell the oregano whilst they take 5 from the crazy Christmas shopping scene.

Dramatic decal

Matt Gibson Architecture transformed this existing glass shop front with a decal to dramatic effect for Fame Agenda. A great cost effective "re-use/recycle" rather than "re-fit" solution. You can find Fame Agenda at Melbourne Central.

It’s rude to stare

I couldn't help but stare at these stairs.  Nick Parker's work is on the left, Tait Oosthuizen's is on the right.  If you read the fine print on the bottom step the lads are part of No Studio sponsored by GPT / Melbourne Central.

Luscious locks

Eveline Tarunadjaja's deliciously detailed drawings can be found on the footpath and circling this column in Melbourne Central.