Miss Chu x 2 (Melbourne)

POD_Miss Chu_Sth Yarra I met Nahji (a.k.a Miss Chu) a few years ago at her first tuckshop off William Street in Sydney. Since then she has evolved the concept considerably and now has outlets in both Sydney and Melbourne (and has sold Miss Chu licenses into New York, London, Paris and the rest of the country according to the fabulously flamboyant floor boy in the South Yarra store). It was good when I bit into the first rice paper roll and remains so.  Retail evolution and store growth is not an easy road so I am more than delighted to report the brand and offer is better than ever (particularly love the graphic and store design direction too ... it's honest and on trend).  Kano Hollamby is the designer for this South Yarra store (happy snaps above).  Bring on Brisbane and the rest of the country I say!

Miss Chu Food Melbourne

Oooh Miss Chu how fabulous are u?!

Possibly the most divine, best value vegetarian dish I've had in a long time... a marinated medley of mushrooms, tofu, vermicelli and crunchy greens was my first taste of Miss Chu's newbie in Melbourne. The food savvy are voting with their feet if the queue out the door and down Exhibition Street last Friday was any indication. In fact it was so yummy I popped back for a late lunch on Monday and took a few happy snaps for you all.  I first reported on this kooky concept that hails from Sydney in my pre-blog days (newsletter #12).  This tuck shop is an absolute treat (go early or late to get a seat or you'll be ordering take away). 297 Exhibition Street Melbourne. And one more thing .. can anyone tell me if Tom met Jane for that beer?

Miss Chu Food Melbourne