Get yourself some new threads

Monster Threads (a collective for indie illustrators to sell their wares) has opened a bright new store at The Galleries in Sydney. Compared to their Causeway Lane closet in Melbourne this one offers a lot more space to peruse the product. A super friendly young man was being most helpful behind the counter (I liked that so much I made a purchase to kick start my Christmas shopping - lordy it really is that time of year again).  You can find them  on street level at The Galleries, 500 George St Sydney.

Drawing attention

We all know lux levels are critical in retail land.  This afternoon I saw the light... and some v. cute illustrations. Being a big snoop and a bit of a 'Harry have a chat', I bowled into Monster Threads to discover it was only day 5 since they opened the door and the concept is a collective of product from illustrators around the globe. I like that idea (and that bear wearing the glasses, bow tie and mini bowler hat). Curated collections based on arts & craft hit the sweet spot in retail land these days. Bland brands beware.