Floral fries & burger butterflies

A sushi sun, ribbon sandwich sunflowers, taco and burger butterflies and espresso flower pots ... more creative concepts from POD to promote the new Wintergarden food hall. Vinyl print and install by Forbes House, Brisbane.

VM Food Other Brisbane

A foot in the door …

I hope the shop fitter realised he had some big shoes to fill here. Wintergarden Stage 2 hoarding creative by POD. Print and install by Forbes House. Photography by Steve Ryan.

Flower power

A challenge with every shopping centre redevelopment is the various stages of opening and how to ensure areas still under construction look as fab as the newly finished shops. POD created and delivered the visual merchandising for Stage 2 of Wintergarden. With metal butterflies cladding the exterior and a launch campaign of Come Play in the Garden as our only mandatory, we decided to let the garden go to our head in this location!

Mirror mirror on the wall …

Mirror mirror on the wall, I'd say this is one of the fairest hoardings of them all!

Creative concept and install by POD.  Wintergarden, Brisbane.

A little bit cheeky

POD has recently completed the concept development and branding for a quick service food outlet that can be found in the food hall at the new look Wintergarden in Brisbane's Queen Street Mall. Fresh and fabulous South East Asian salads, rice paper rolls and iced teas are being served up at Ms Chi Qi (pronounced Ms Cheeky).  Brisbane readers should pop in for a Peking duck wrap, prawn rice paper roll or a thai beef salad ... it's v. good!

They’ve got the local market cornered

The corner store cafe in Toowong is where the locals queue for a casual weekend brekkie. You can lob up in your lycra or go all out and pop on some lippy before you down that latte.  It's as cute as a button and it has its own veggie patch for the kids (and kitchen brigade) to explore.  Tanya Lea is pictured here with her camera.  She is a very good person to know. Tan is the queen of organisation and systems and can sort an office into shape in no time (or wardrobe, kitchen, garage etc). She has just launched a new blog ... www.declutterhome.com.au ... and has done a great job for me on various 'sorting and systems' projects over the past 2 years so I thought I'd share her services with you.  Tan is based in Melbourne, the Corner Store Cafe is at 113 Sylvan Road Toowong Brisbane.

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A little birdie told me…

Ivy + Bird is a collective of local, hand made and niche homewares, jewelry and bits & bobs. It also includes a seamstress service stashed away up on the mezzanine level. A v. cute range of cotton dresses for little birdies is sold under their Little People label. You can find Ivy+Bird at 164 Arthur Street, New Farm.

Lovin’ Leavain

Jerome & Louis from Sourced Grocer gave me the tip on Terry Wilson and  I've fallen madly in love with his loaves of loveliness sold under the Leavain label ever since (aside from the bread, his hazelnut flourless mini chocolate cakes are not half bad either!)  I enjoyed a chat with him on a sunny Sunday morning at the new Stone's Corner Farmers Market. It's a family affair (his gorgeous girls pictured with him here) and his passion for the product is all in the tasting. You have to reside in BrisVegas if you want to break Terry's bread (really this is a town that continues to evolve ... whilst it will never be Melbourne, Milan or Manhattan it has its own certain charm).

Talk to the hand

Golly the GOMA is good. I flew up from Melbourne last year to see the Valentino Exhibition (simply stunning... and well worth a plane ride). I popped in to see the Surrealism show from Paris' Pompidou last weekend. I was taken in by the rather fluid and beautiful hand washing projection by Taiwanese artist, Charwei Tsai (you have to go to the ladies loos to see it on the sink tho').

Design GOMA Brisbane

Seen sprouting at Southbank

Loved these planter boxes to promote Brissy's regional food producers festival that fires up this weekend. Must admit to being a tad disappointed to discover the concept design was imported from Melbourne. Southbank's team of gardeners did the assembly and planting ... and haven't they done a fabulous job of restoring the parklands since the floods went through 6 months ago. From what I can see Brissy has bounced back brilliantly.

Sat & Sun, 30 & 31 July 2011. www.regionalflavours.com.au

And furthermore:

Since posting the story this morning I have received news from Southbank on the planter box designers. Sister's Michelle and Maddie are the creative force behind Sow N Sow. These talented gardening girls grew up in Brisbane so are definitely in the know about what seeds they should sow in this town. The good news is that this creative pair have bloomed internationally in recent years and now base themselves out of Melbourne. Well done to them I say!

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