simon’s snow plough

My BFFs from Perth are current skiing in Vail. I wonder if they have seen anything as cool as this on the slopes? Since 2004  Simon Beck has been stamping his mark on freshly fallen snow at the Les Arcs ski resort in France. Distinctly geometric pattern are created footprint by footprint. Taking somewhere between six hours and two days to complete, his endurance comes from years of competitive orienteering which also helps him in the precise mapping process which often begins on a computer before he’s able to mark landmarks in the snow that guide his precise walking patterns.

To see more of Simon's tres cool snow art check out

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Bloemen stunning

It's spring time Down Under and the blossom is in bloom ... as are these visually stunning Dutch tulip fields. Pictures via Daily Mail UK.
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Where are you?

You are here ... and that would be in Eindhoven NL. Via Willeminjn DeWit
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Woolly wonders

In newsletter no. 11 I mentioned the work of  melanie porter and her big knit chairs.  I have also admired the work of Christien Meindertsma and her FLOCK label for some time now.  I was looking through a colour palette file yesterday and re-found her gorgeous autumnal tone soft seating which I thought was worth sharing.

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Playing with design

Macca's have been moving in a new design direction for some years now.  I was digging around on a design site reading about something completely different when I discovered the Dutch firm who has developed the new look play pens for Euro kids.  Seems that aside from fries, McDonalds are asking "would you like a little learning with that?"  The short people I know would love to play here.

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