Dressed by Dior

Elegant lighting and composition.
Dior VM Fashion Hong Kong

Acupuncture for window cure

Eye catching VM in a very narrow window zone (maybe 450mm D).  Great composition & use of X-board.   You probably could get that phone booth through the eye of a wool needle.

Savour Sevva

Pronounced 'savour', Sevva is stylishly sensational.  It's at the top of the Princes Building in Central. Whilst the ladies lunch, the suits crunch (the numbers that is).  I think you can actually smell the money in the room (in addition to a divine dumpling or two).  The web site alone will make you salivate.  Sevva Hong Kong.

Sevva Food Hong Kong

D.mop D.oes D.enim

How cute are the D-mop boys smiling for the camera... the mop cleans up when it comes to designer denim.  If you're off to Honkers pop in and say Hi from the Pod.

D-Mop Fashion Hong Kong