Copper art

Before Levi's unveiled their new flagship on Regent Street they took hoardings to a whole new level with this copper show stopper. pics via and

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He’s only 34

Jamie Oliver's Recipease brand has won a Silver Clio for agency Williams Murray Hamm, London. Part cooking school, part food kit, the brand is about breaking food prep and cooking into easy pieces for assembly, hence the model kit framework inspiration.

Jamie also won the prestigious TED prize 2010 in February. Passionate about tackling obesity and health reform through teaching kids about food and how to cook it, this young man has chosen substance over celebrity... which contributes to his  celebrity star continuing to rise.  A remarkable effort in a few short years.  If you haven't seen it,  watch his TED talk to see the coffins for obese Americans if nothing else!

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Loving this logo

Love the logo and the decal fly strip door Tx.  Milkbar is by the same owners of Flat White.  If you have to ask where that is then you should get out more. A Friend of Mine did the graphics (not literally). They also did United Soul.  Nice work AFOM.

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A very good chair

In his spare time my older brother is an excellent handyman.  He lives by the philosophy 'measure twice, cut once'.   So do Very Good & Proper.  They make one chair and one table.  That's it.  Simple, stylish, stackable stuff inspired by the school days of the sixties.

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