Savour Sevva

Pronounced 'savour', Sevva is stylishly sensational.  It's at the top of the Princes Building in Central. Whilst the ladies lunch, the suits crunch (the numbers that is).  I think you can actually smell the money in the room (in addition to a divine dumpling or two).  The web site alone will make you salivate.  Sevva Hong Kong.

Sevva Food Hong Kong

D.mop D.oes D.enim

How cute are the D-mop boys smiling for the camera... the mop cleans up when it comes to designer denim.  If you're off to Honkers pop in and say Hi from the Pod.

D-Mop Fashion Hong Kong

Top this

Phillipe Nigro is a function focused French designer.  Whilst this clever table has received plenty of talk, I was looking for a flexible format display idea and re-found this.  Via Yatzer and Bonluxat

Point me in the right direction would you…

Great LED directional signage at Design Hub in Barcelona (now if an organisation like that can't get it right there's something very wrong going on).

Design Other Barcelona

Do you need a hand?

The city of Barcelona is 2000 years old.  After 2 weeks of walking the cobblestone pavements of Milan and the Catalan capital I felt the same age ... although I think this bloke had the tougher gig.  Fab photo found on display at the Santa Caterina Market.

Graphics Other Barcelona

Behind bars

Hey finally you can see what colour your toast is without having to pop it up, put it back, pop it up again etc. then get out the broom to try and turn off the smoke detector because you put it back in just a tad too long.  Wonder if Magimix likes my talking toast graffiti work?  Soz, couldn't help myself.

Magimix Food Other

A light bulb moment?

I'm guessing some dude in Canada got bored at their desk one day and next thing you know they've paper clipped together a really cool light fitting.   If you're designing a stationery store why not keep a cluster of these in mind (it would be really nice if someone actually did something useful with the stuff I tell you about). Source them on (or get the kids to make one at kindy - something like this would be far more useful than macaroni and icy pole sticks glued together).

Domestically speaking, it’s exhausting

Sleek & stylish exhaust hood from Miele ...
Miele Food Other

Knit one, drink one

The geek chicks answer to the stubbie holder?  There are some very crafty coffee drinkers out there... as spotted on

Craft Food Other

Greenhouse planted in downtown Perth

Botanical wonder boy, Joost, along with Paul Aron and Jason Chan are behind this plant hot house in Perth. Style savvy sustainability shines the whole way through. Thanks to Joost & Jenny Bakker for these pics taken by Earl Carter and their passion for the project, also Renee Nutbean & ISPT for  being brave and changing the state of play with the enex100 development and to me for suggesting the idea in the first place (LOL!). Plant yourself at 100 St Georges Terrace Perth for sustainable dining with a design difference.