A little wacky on Wallstrabe

Have been and seen Euroshop 2011 and squeezed in a quick squizz around Dusseldorf old town. Fave find was SecondHand, a somewhat wacky store selling vintage designer labels mixed in with military millinery, furs that were definitely not faux, old Kelly-like bags to wag and a sprinkling of costumes from stage and screen. Some seriously kooky merchandising happening here and from what I could gather the owner is a somewhat famous stylist, but given my lack of German language skills I could easily have misinterpreted this information.  Find Secondhand at 27 Wallstrabe next time you're dashing through Dusseldorf.

VM Fashion Germany

Delicate detail

A sculptured screen of stepped-pattern boxes creates quite a stunning shop facade when light and dark comes into play no matter what time of day. IFC, Hong Kong.

Design Hong Kong