The Cool Cobbler

POD_Cobbler_SH Arch I came across this fabulous shoe repair store sometime last year (and obviously forgot to share it with you ... better late than never I say!). Some really honest design work by architects Stewart Hollenstein. If you're in need of a new sole you will have to head to Sydney, 29 Darlinghurst Road Potts Point to be exact. Images via retaildesignblog

Take a Seat

POD_DeubzerKingRimmel2POD_DeubzerKingRimmel1 No need for specs when looking for your seat in this venue! I like the simplicity and clear communication strategy for this lecture hall at the University of Technology in Munich. via Deubzer King Rimmel Architects

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Printemp Precision

POD_Printemp_March 2013LR Printemp's Paris windows never fail to impress. March 2013. via Printemp 

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1151, 1152, 1153 …

Looking at these amazing installations made from small buttons, I can only conclude that the artist,  Augusto Esquivel, must have the patience of a saint!  I know people who have trouble sewing a shirt button back on .. so I'm thinking 'holier than thou' type saintly patience is involved here.  The thought of constructing one of these actually does my head in. Augusto you are to be admired!  via Augusto Esquivel

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I like it

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House & Contents … Event 7 – 10 March 2013

Ivan Iwanoff was a Western Australian architect of note in the 60s and 70s.  One of his masterpieces, 53 Shannon Road Dianella (Perth) is up for sale. When it comes to retailing, The Ivanoff Project is right on target. It's a sales event that goes beyond the mainstream approach. Part pop up shop, part exhibition, part educational and part social, if you cannot afford to buy this stunning property, but have an appreciation of mid century architecture, then you are welcome to a viewing as something else may catch your eye (and be within your budget!). The owners of the home have collaborated with Marisia Lukaszewski, curator and founder of Aesthetic Alliance, to source a fabulous selection of homewares and accessories that will be for sale throughout the 'open for inspection'.  Over 100 designer objects by 25+ contemporary Australian artists compliment the property. Retailers take note - this is what we mean by a sales experience!

Opening night is a catered event and has already sold out (sorry). The house and contents are open to the public 11am to 7pm from the 7th to the 10th of March 2013.

53 Shannon Road, Dianella, Perth.  For more information contact:



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Liberty Takes Bronze

Shiny bronze cardboard cut into strips and stapled together ... simple but very effective VM when done on a grand scale. Liberty's Christmas is definitely a winner on the 'low production cost' podium in London's Olympic year.

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Seasonally Social on Oxford Street

Turning on London's Christmas Lights makes international news. This year Robbie Williams did the honours (as our Kylie has done in the past). I don't recall seeing a sponsored campaign before, but this year its all about Marmite (you know, the black stuff like Vegemite that you put on your toast ... and as a general rule you either love it or hate it). Given it is dark by about 3.30pm in the afternoon, lights make sense in this part of the world. The timing sequence goes something like this ... reindeers headbutting then smashing a jar of Marmite gold, elves fighting over Marmite toast and fairies fluttering their wings to deliver hot toast (ha ha, it was minus 2 degrees when I snapped these pics!).

In a challenging retail climate, and with every budget under pressure, I am not surprised to see this event is now a high profile brand opportunity ... the interesting thing is that everybody can be involved in a very public way. You can get festive on Facebook or pop into the Marmite booth near Bond St tube to see your smiling dial shining down over Oxford Street (love it) or all manner of distasteful expressions (hate it). Personally I'm a Vegemite girl.

If the campaign doesn't impress you, then just take a look at the number of people out and about - it was shoulder to shoulder and survival of the fittest this weekend, which makes Christmas shopping in Australia seem very relaxed indeed.


Super idea

Window washers at Evelina Children's Hospital in London must wear a superhero costume (it's written into their contract apparently). That's clever and right on brand. Spotted on Pinterest.

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Page turner is a head turner

Artist Geoffrey Farmer created this jaw dropping, 18 metre long, three dimensional collage for the Documenta Art Festival currently playing in Germany. Made up of thousands of photo clippings from LIFE magazine taken between the years 1935 to 1985, each of the small photograph cut-outs feature objects from advertisements and articles ranging from politicians to newsworthy events and people of the time. Visually stunning and no doubt totally fascinating. Via DesignBoom

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