Beatles inspired beans

I'm blogging from Brisbane this morning.  Now this is a town that has definitely lifted its game in the coffee stakes over the past few years.  Lots of indie roasters and cool little places are popping up all over the place.  I had a damn fine flat white (a Genovese blend) to kick start the day at the retro feel Desmond & Molly Jones.  Find them at 615 Stanley St Woolloongabba.

Coffee Food Brisbane

Proud Mary … And Rightly So!

This place has been on my list for months.  I finally rolled across the river on Saturday morning to check out what all the 'hoo ha' was about, and was well rewarded for my effort if I don't mind saying. The space felt a little like being in downtown Soho NYC for a few hours (without the jetlag). It was so good I went back again on Sunday.

Proud Mary is barista Nolan Hirte's new baby (ex Liar Liar, Hawthorn). In the coffee stakes he's a big wheel that keeps on turning out consistent quality, aided by a 6 group Synesso.

Great staff. Fab Food. Love it, love it, love it.

It's my pick of the month.  You can find Mary at 172 Oxford St Collingwood (leave a seat for me please).