Cheap & cheerful

I did a quick scout along Victoria Street on Saturday morning to check out Daiso, the Japanese concept where everything is $2.80 (known in Japan as the 100Yen store). I found the aisles were very narrow (probably not if you're Japanese) and the fit out is what you would expect with such a price point positioning, but I couldn't help think that with a liiiiittle bit of tweeking to the design and format they could produce a much better store experience without diluting their value positioning, and lift their average sale  ... which on a sample of 3 seemed quite significant to me (the lady ahead of me spent $54, the lady next to me spent $52 and I spent $53). I picked up some great little treats for the short people's Christmas stockings. The 'almost alessi' rabbit soap holder would be a hit in any kids bathroom, the v. cute mini paper clips came in a pack of 8 for $2.80 (that works out to be $0.35c each versus $1.40 each for the 'same' thing at Kikki-K) and those cute spotty jars will be fab for home made biscuit pressies in a few months time. If anyone knows their average sale value here in Australia then I'd appreciate you letting me know.  I went to Dasio at The Hive, 313 Victoria St Richmond (terrible signage, I almost walked out thinking the store wasn't in the building ... you have to go up the escalator to find them). They are also at Westfield Doncaster, and from what I hear are doing very well there (actually if you are going in search of that rabbit soap holder I'd go to Westfield as there are loads of other fab shops at Doncaster and the sushi bar in the food court is one of my faves ... Shige the sushi chef used to head up Kenzan and has been in the kitchen at Koko at Crown ... but I digress).