Living the High life

Sometimes you ignore the obvious because it's far too familiar. High Street Prahran East has been my local shopping strip for the past 25 years. It has come a long way since the Midas Muffler man was the main retail "feature" and, according to the local goss at the time, some serious dodgy characters hung out of the Mt Erica pub shifting stolen goods. Today the strip is a hit with chi chi la la locals who take their latte and lunch at Spoonful, furnish their homes from the high end interiors stores and drop a bomb on yet another fab frock or bauble from the likes of Anna Hoffman, Torsa and Tin. Fenton & Fenton is a destination for interior designers looking for a splash of "eclectic and colourful".  For a lookie see at the fab stuff Lucy Fenton finds on her regular travels to France, Morocco, India and other international destinations head to 471 High Street Prahran East.