Deco, Jazz & Dapper is all the Rage

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The lavish costumes and luxe lifestyle as seen in the super-hyped Great Gatsby film is all over retail land at the moment. Whilst Baz's big production is being bagged by the critics before it hits the screen, it has got to be worth a cinema ticket just to see the sets and designer threads when it opens here (Australia) 30 May. Mrs Baz (Catherine Martin) has quite a few collaborations with some serious clout going on as a spin off to the movie. The Prada store on Broadway (NYC) is currently celebrating Miuccia's contribution to Martin's costumes. The jewellery was inspired by archival pieces in Tiffany's vaults and they have released a GG collection. Designer Rugs has a stunning new Deco range designed by Martin (her second film inspired collaboration with them). And just so there is something for the boys to buy if they want to take on Leonardo's latest look, Brooks Bros. have released a retail line (including a pink suit with fine white pinstripe - very dandy indeed!). Dapper flapper is the look of the season from what I can see. Pics via Getty & Atmosphere.

Great Gatsby Fashion