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Megan Park has sent through some professional shots. They make mine look a bit manky don't they!

Park yourself here

Megan Park has just opened her first stand-alone store in Melbourne. Subtle, beautiful attention to design detail is the backdrop for her gorgeous beaded chiffons and summer must be on the way silky sheer numbers. Layers of chalky white tones and textures, elegant illuminated cut crystal and quirky brass animals by Suzie Stanford, and delicate paper artwork by Geoffrey Nees has been curated by Megan's partner Anthony Cox, a delightful English architect who kindly gave me a tour of this tour de fashion force.  His clever extension of the main floor plate by floating it over the existing steps and using the counter to connect the levels, combined with the chalkiest white concrete entry floor and a delicate sheer curtain drop to ensure discretion in the change rooms shows his thinking is thorough when it comes to the girl about town shopping experience. You can find Megan Park at 1039 High Street Dramadale... opps, I mean Armadale.