Hot tamale

My gorgeous foodie friend Gilly J was over from Perth quite some months ago now.  A girly goss and great lunch at the Newmarket was all the go given it had just opened .. but then I got busy and forgot I'd taken some spy snaps (which I have just found filed in a folder I would never have thought to look in had I been looking for them). Whilst it's no longer 'new' and has had plenty of press I almost passed on posting these pics but then I thought why not... the chilies, garlic and artichoke installation is unexpected, the lunch was a smokey Latino inspired love fest of flavours with great plate presentation, the service was happy, the indoor-outdoor dining feel was perfect for fine weather dining back in February and Six Degrees has delivered another pub design that punches well above its weight. From the same stable as the Royal Saxon in Richmond, the Middle Park and Albert Park Hotels... if you haven't been then you should get out more.