Colour Blocked Blooms

POD_Printemp_May 2013LR Printemp's signature spring blooms and the latest homeware 'must haves' as seen in the windows this May. Exceptional windows as always ... via Printemp

Printemps VM Paris

Printemp Precision

POD_Printemp_March 2013LR Printemp's Paris windows never fail to impress. March 2013. via Printemp 

Printemps VM Other Paris

Flower power

Why put a bag over your head when a big bunch of flowers is so much prettier? This has been a strong VM trend over the past 12 months with Printemps doing it better than most. Pic thanks to RDB.

Printemps VM Paris

I love Printemps

Printemps was loving their New York designers last month. I was loving their windows (although I was not loving the amount of time it took to get these pics ... I think I snapped about 30 shots of each window to try and get at least one without a passer by in the frame).  Printemps, Boulevard Haussman.

Printemps Fashion Paris

Spring flowers

I discovered this void entry statement of gorgeous, delicate ceramic flowers at Printemps in Paris.
Printemps Fashion Paris