Proud Mary … And Rightly So!

This place has been on my list for months.  I finally rolled across the river on Saturday morning to check out what all the 'hoo ha' was about, and was well rewarded for my effort if I don't mind saying. The space felt a little like being in downtown Soho NYC for a few hours (without the jetlag). It was so good I went back again on Sunday.

Proud Mary is barista Nolan Hirte's new baby (ex Liar Liar, Hawthorn). In the coffee stakes he's a big wheel that keeps on turning out consistent quality, aided by a 6 group Synesso.

Great staff. Fab Food. Love it, love it, love it.

It's my pick of the month.  You can find Mary at 172 Oxford St Collingwood (leave a seat for me please).