A bulb or two goes on in Beirut

When I converted from a newsletter to a blog format 18 months ago I didn't realise the upside would be that  I would find new on-line friends from all around the world. The downside being that, no matter whether it's a newsletter or a blog, it still takes a lot of time to find, finesse and file stories that are interesting and celebrate innovation (FYI I've actually stopped reading a lot of blogs to ensure I don't repeat stories - given the velocity of viral news - and waste time worrying that I'm telling you about something you already know about... lordy!). Benedicte Flouriot is a blog buddy in Beirut. PSLab is a bespoke lighting laboratory doing fabulous things with illumination.  Benedicte keeps me  in the loop with their latest lux projects. I love the look of their make over of, Isis, one of the cities oldest rooftop bars. Whilst I have never been to the Middle East because of the negative news we get here associated with bombings etc. I am increasingly intrigued... and just may get there yet!

Design pslab Beirut

Bespoke bulbs light up the Barbican

One of the fun things about blogging is that you make new friends and have email chats with people from all around the world. Whilst I have never met Ramzi Haddad from PSLAB in Beirut, I woke up this morning to find these wonderful pics of their latest project waiting in my inbox. It made my day (and it was only 6.30am!). PSLAB is a multi-disciplinarian team of over 80 architects, designers, engineers, technicians and artisans who dream, design and build site-specific lighting that is an integral part of an interior or overall design. The Barbican Centre is home to the London Symphony Orchestra and has been given a complete overhaul by SHH Architects. Stripped back to its original wall textures, ceiling and fittings, it is now an honest palette of concrete, steel, brick and glass. I particularly love PSLAB's use of the olive jars with energy saving light bulbs as a reference to the food. Oooh I can hear the sounds of 1979 in my head, I think it was The Clash who sang London Calling.

pslab Food London

A shining light in Lebanon

PSLAB is a lighting design company in Lebanon with an impressive portfolio of projects. Burgundy restaurant in Beirut is all the better for their striking arrangement of bulbs.

Design pslab Beirut