Tic toc it’s tea time

OMG how cute are these mini tea cups spotted at Sissi & Co. Take a tic toc biscuit, a marshmallow etc ... or just take yourself to Sissi's for a sweet treat. 1290 Malvern Rd Malvern.

Sissi’s doing it with style

It's spring racing season in Melbourne. By some bizarre co-incidence it seems that every year the lovely Kirsty and I end up in the same train carriage on the way to the track (what are the odds on that?!). I recall last year we had a yack about the new venture she had in the pipeline after taking a well deserved break (she established and ran Tangello in Hawksburn Village for 15 years before selling out few years ago). Sissi & Co, with shiny new stoves and loads of style, is her new cafe that opened just a few weeks ago. It's light, bright and familiar. Today I re-discovered the artichoke pate, brilliant chocky brownies, soups and casseroles to take home ... all the things that made Tangello a raging success in the first place. Whilst still settling in, Sissi will no doubt go off like Sydney's New Years Eve fire crackers given Kirsty's track record and the lack of good cafes in this somewhat sleepy strip on Malvern Rd (that is no doubt about to undergo a Sissi inspired resurgence). 1290 Malvern Rd, Malvern.  BTW... a little bird told me that Sandi Bird was the designer here - nice work.