Uber Zuber

Zuber is a French brand established in 1797 that is still producing the paints, woodblock printed wallpapers and furnishing fabrics as they have done for the last 200+ years.

I discovered their tiny shop as I wandered the streets of the Left Bank. Upon stepping inside, and not being familiar with the brand, at first I was not  quite sure what the offer was all about. Stackable glass sample pots that look very like a range of high end nail polishes, a dark and moody space subtly lit with chandeliers, an antique chair and Chinoise screen ... it could have been a perfumery for all I knew. A quick chat with the charming interior designer and I soon discovered I was a long way from the paint department in Bunnings.

You can find Zuber at 12 Rue des Saints-Pères, 75007.  It is just a stones throw from the Seine.

Design Zuber Paris