Reading at 90 degrees

D'Espresso is a tiny coffee bar on Madison near Grand Central Station and Bryant Park Library. The design brief to nemaworkshop was to create a strong in-store brand experience that connects to its locality. Customised ceramic tiles printed with full size book images, herringbone flooring on the walls and protruding pendant lights turns the library concept on its side. It's slightly disorienting like Kurt's shoe story below and makes you want to turn your head to the right. I like it. Via the contemporist.

Design Food New York

Hanging about at Nordstrom

Love the simplicity of this window VM.  Via DDI.

VM Fashion New York

Bags of style

Dior's hoarding on 57th Street.  Fabulous.  Via DDI.
Dior Fashion New York

More top stuff

One of the problems with a blog is that you read the last story first. This story follows the one below. London's Top Shop makeover was inspired by the new NYC flagship.  Clean navigation lines and stronger, more spacious story landing locations work for me.  Via Dalziel + Pow

Vee cool hotel

My BFF loves this place so  much he's stayed there twice this year already (show off).  He also seems to know someone with good connections in every groovy city around the globe (double show off). He's going back there again in September (I'm so jealous I might downgrade him to BF).  A friend of his gets him the 'friends rate' when he stays here. For mere mortals like me trying to budget for a global retail snoop later this year, this is sooo not in the budget (and the Aus dollar keeps sliding south).  If you're bucks up, have cash to splash, are in the money honey (and are totally gawjus) then check in to the Crosby St Hotel and swan about the fab foyer if you have nothing better to do why don't you?

Crosby St Other New York

It’s easy being green

Anthropologie is a class act on the retail stage.  Loving the splash of summer green spotted in NYC.

Colours of summer

Wonderwall has designed significant Flagship stores for them around the globe. I've purchased their product in Europe (to my surprise, it washes and wears well).  I've watched them re-stock their Ginza store late at night (huge volumes of product that seem incomprehensible in this country). I have just received these pics from NYC of their summer windows and in-store VM. I like it. Can we have Unliquo here in Australia pleeeeease?

Unliquo Fashion New York

In clover

Clover brewed coffee has been the latest thing around my home town for a year or more.  Today I discovered Starbucks NYC is also filtering this story.  It suggests to me it's time for the next big coffee clue from an indie caffeine guru.

Starbucks Food New York

Soapy & sweet

When I was very small my father would paint my face with his shaving brush full of soap.  I thought it was so much fun.  I think these kids do too.  A clever campaign by The Art of Shaving.

VM Other New York

Rope me in

Another J Crew window using rope to fab effect.
J Crew Fashion New York