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Haute couture is the French term for high fashion and refers to the creation of exclusive made-to-order clothing. The pieces are made from high quality, expensive fabric and sewn together with painstaking detail by the most experienced and capable seamstresses. Where does the creation of haute couture take place? In an atelier, of course. The French word translates to workshop. It is the place where the artist creates.

Frites Atelier is where Michelin Star chef Sergio Herman creates his haute couture fries. A chef's studio, if you like, that draws inspiration from both the traditional French brasserie and Dutch culture. Internationally acclaimed Studio Piet Boon's design pays homage to their homeland with bronze Frederik Molenschot stoves sitting alongside hand-turned Cor Unum ceramic jars which dispense sauces worthy of a Michelin Star for their no preservatives or artificial additives alone. Only the best organic Zeeland clay potatoes and produce is used.

A regal crest and staff kitted out in Fashion for Companies clothing has resulted in a luxury chip shop like no other.

If you want to enjoy the guilty pleasure without the calories you can find plenty of photos good enough to eat at: and

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Don’t be miffed

Oooh I have just spotted the first Miffy shop based on the theme ‘Coloring Book Village’. Whimsical illustrations of fences, flowers and houses follow Dick Bruna's graphic style and create a complete Miffy storybook store experience. Designed by the v. talented UXUS. Miffy can be found in the V&D department store Amsterdam. I know a few short people who would love to 'shop' here! via DDI.

Miffy Fashion Amsterdam