Street Art

The streets of Hanoi teem with bicycles, many of them ridden by street vendors carrying fruit and flowers. It’s amazing to see them gracefully pedal past on bikes piled high with colorful cargo, but the impact is lost amid the chaos of Vietnam’s capital. That’s why Loes Heerink photographs them from above. Only then can you can see just how much they’re hauling, and how colorful it is. “They’re works of art,” Heerink says.

Street vendors are everywhere in Hanoi, selling everything from bananas to brooms. Many are rural women who come to the city seeking a better life. They start each day around 4 am, hit the market to buy goods, and spend the day riding about selling their wares, earning just enough to survive. “Life as a street vendor in Hanoi is not easy,” Heerink says. “They don’t get appreciated as much as I think they should.”

Heerink is Dutch and started riding when she was 5. When she went backpacking through Vietnam in 2011, the vendors immediately caught her eye. She moved to Hanoi the following year and tried photographing them, but never liked the result. Then it occurred to her to photograph them from above. Working from a balcony or one of three bridges near her apartment, Heerink would watch the street below with her Canon 6D, catching vendors making the morning rounds with baskets full.

She photographed 50 vendors in three months, each image capturing the beauty and grace of the street vendors who bring a splash of color to the cramped streets of the city.

Words  by Laura Mallonee. Images by Loes Heerick.  

Article re-posted from Wired magazine.

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VM Food Hanoi

Make an Entry Statement

autumn nsw1autumn nsw2

On the road somewhere between Orange and Tamworth NSW I spotted this tree lined entry to a cattle station, made all the more striking by the Autumn season. First impressions count no matter what business you are in.


Lets Face It …

SONY DSCcheri disailly photographyCDP 1CDP

From a visual perspective this mighty size mural is the only interesting element of yet another, 'housing commission' style, high rise residential 'development'. Sadly, this form of 'architecture' continues to proliferate, and blight the landscape, around the country. Whilst I am a strong supporter of urban density and living close to public transport and facilities, can't we do it better?

This tower is soon to be completed.  I can't wait to see yet another boring block of glass balconies displaying residents washing on fold up racks, BBQs, bicycles and anything else that can go 'outside' be pushed up against the glass and further downgrade the visual appeal of the neighbourhood. Where is the interesting form, detail, screening and vertical greenery? Is this the best a 'Planning Approval Department' can do?

Large scale artwork is the forte of Guido Van Helten.  You can find this impressive piece in Woolloongabba, Brisbane @podfinds #guidovanhelten #giantmural #awesomeartwork

Images 2, 3 and 4 by Cheri Desailly Photography, Brisbane.

Colouring Craze Happening Here?

SONY DSCSONY DSCsecret_garden_coloring_book_cover_2_large

I couldn't help but think this rather striking hoarding for a Sumo Salad Green Label store, currently under construction in The Galeries, is tapping into the Colouring Books for Adults craze that took off like a rocket last year. I have no idea if this is Sumo's inspiration or not, either way I like it!

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Hoarding Sumo Salad VM

Gift Wrapped


Love the simplicity of Kate Spade's latest window for Valentines Day.  The over scaled silver bows headpiece caught my eye as I walked by yesterday.

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Kate Spade VM Fashion

Welcome Statement


This entry statement is so cute and inviting I just want to knock on the door and and see what's inside. How about you?

You can find this craft studio in the increasingly cool Austin, Texas, USA.  #PODfinds  Image via their Instagram @thepapercraftpantry 


Thin Blue Lines

POD_Marianne Hallberg11POD_Marianne Hallberg07POD_Marianne Hallberg04POD_Marianne Hallberg09POD_Marianne Hallberg02POD_Marianne Hallberg03POD_Marianne Hallberg01

Regular readers will know I have a hankering for ceramic drawings (or hand drawn ceramics) having featured the work of UK ceramicist, Katharine Morling, in a previous post. The domestic simplicity of Swedish artist Marianne Hallberg's object topic has a charm all of its own. I would love a brief that allowed me to use her work in a cafe design (oh for a budget that includes an artist!). The tea towel is my favourite piece.


Images via &

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The new look Flawless Flowers makes coming up with a design concept look as easy as falling off a log.

Located in what is fundamentally a very basic tin shed, the fit out is rustic, raw and relevant. Rough hewn logs of all sizes and a back drop of black cool room is about it.  The product does 99% of the work.

You can find this visual floral feast at Melbourne's Prahran Market ... you can't miss it!


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What’s your story?


POD works with retailers to help them define and tell their story through store design, display and communications.  Does anyone know the original source to this favourite quote of mine?  #PODfinds

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Chase the Sun


As we kick off a new working year I thought I would share a couple of favourite VM projects from 2015. Indulge in a moment of reflection before heading full speed into 2016!

Our challenge for this rather stunning summer fashion campaign was to find an elegant way to showcase a series of wide landscape shots whilst at the same time keeping sight lines to shopfronts 'top of mind' and ensuring the scale was in keeping with the mall.

A pared back palette of marine rope, custom designed 2.4m high white washed ply frames, fisherman's baskets and sea grasses, relaxed chairs and magazine tables came together beautifully for Indooroopilly Shopping Centre's summer magazine promotion.

Thanks again to our client Natalie Kussrow for the opportunity to work with these rather striking images and to POD peeps, Sarah Bowe and Melissa James for their beautiful attention to detail as always (and digging deep to recall their 'Scouting Knots' learn't at 'Brownies').

Concept creative, design, procurement and installation by POD.  #PODfinds