Mirror Mirror in the mall is this coolest counter of all?

Very clever chameleon characteristics designed into this display unit... you can email me if you really want to know more.
VM Fashion Hong Kong

Dressed by Dior

Elegant lighting and composition.
Dior VM Fashion Hong Kong

Acupuncture for window cure

Eye catching VM in a very narrow window zone (maybe 450mm D).  Great composition & use of X-board.   You probably could get that phone booth through the eye of a wool needle.

Milanese style behind the stoves

I can't mention my Milan travels without thanking these two totally charming and generous chefs.  On location for The Milan Book by Robyn Lea (the v. talented girl behind the camera) I had the rare privilege of a tour through the kitchens of Carlo Cracco (Cracco) and Elio Sironi (Bulgari Hotel).  The 5 course degustation lunch we were treated to in both locations was way beyond our expectations and my idea something close to heaven.
Food MIlan

Wine with floral notes

I spied this little ledge of loveliness at Rossana Orlandi's tiny Milanese cafe.  Stem glassware designed to hold single stems.  Clever.

‘Trip the light fantastic’

Maison Moschino was a hiding behind a hoarding when I was in Milan late last year.   If the web site is anything to go by this new hotel lives up to the brand's values.  I really need to go back to Milan now that I've seen this!   via luxuryculture
Moschino Other MIlan

We are not amused (not!)

If you're a believer in the old adage, 'the devil is in the detail', then Ted Baker is hotter than hell. Fashionistas globally recognise that Ted pays heavenly attention to the micro and his 2nd store Down Under is also blessed with such divine detail.   Themed on a Victorian Banquette this store is a smorgasbord of amazing antique copper jelly moulds, vintage crystal decanter chandeliers and a complete crack-up of a crockery encrusted counter (I do believe even Victoria herself would be amused by its wackiness).

Beautifully detailed garments and fabulous fabrics are on the menu for main course.

I say move over Mary MacKillop and let's canonise Ted as the Patron Saint of Bespoke Brand Experiences.  Naturally I vote myself and the Ted team at Chaddy to lead the pilgrimage to Il Papa for the blessing (love a good reason to return to Rome).   My thanks to Helen Raven and her team for their time in store.  BTW the gorgeous staff thought I was a professional photographer (LOL) - these pics prove them wrong (I really must do something about my snapping skills).  For beautifully detailed garments and great customer service head to Ted Baker's bespoke fashion banquette.   Chadstone - The Fashion Capital.  Store number 3 will roll out in the Emerald city.

Get a foot in the door

Door detail becomes display zone.  Good thinkin' 99.

Vee Emm

Loved the simplicity of this VM that had some sort of sustainable story.  Spotted in Tokyo.
VM Fashion Tokyo

Hola Ola

Teenie tiny Ola Pao is wow due to the layered wallpaper/graphic/collage combo.