Once bitten…

I've been stung by the retail mozi and I'm itching to go back for more! Recently I caught up with the talented Olivia Tipler (one of two talented sisters behind the brand) in Mozi's new store located at 769 Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn (Liar Liar is just around the corner).  Whilst it is a new building it certainly doesn't feel like it instore thanks to industrial style shelving and props including a 60's bathroom sink combined with fabulous merchandising ... without a doubt the Mozi girls understand what it takes to create an engaging store experience. If you are looking for an Australian made / themed gift in the homewares and lifestyle category then check out the Mozi range.

Mozi Other Melbourne

Rose Street treat

I am delighted to report the dusty old newsagency in my neighbourhood has been well and truly ditched.  This cute corner locale is now home to the tres talented Fleur McHarg who does fabulous things with flowers.   Crisp and white, her new shop is a delight.  You can find Fleur at 13a Rose St Armadale. Ph 03 9804 3522.

Fleur Other Melbourne

Copper art

Before Levi's unveiled their new flagship on Regent Street they took hoardings to a whole new level with this copper show stopper. pics via www.minkibalinki.com and www.worldarchitecturenews.com

Levis Fashion London UK

Dancing on the ceiling

If you are middle-aged you will remember Nicole Ritchie's dad danced on the ceiling. I believe it was the fabulous Victor and Rolf store in Milan that originally turned store design on its head.  The latest Peter Alexander jim-jam store in Sydney's Mid City is also looking up. For the young ones who havent seen this approach before I'm sure they'll think it's fun (lordy, I sound like my mother).

Plum job

Apparently Nicole Richie flew into Sydney last Thursday to open the revamped Mid City mall on Pitt St (somehow I missed that bit of 'Hollywood comes to coat-hanger city' hoo-ha).  Maybe they employed a plumber to help deliver the industrial loft look at Uscari?  A simple approach to what is not a simple life... as Nicole well knows.

Uscari Fashion Sydney

iphone x book = v cute + v cool

From the land of Hello Kitty comes this phone + book combo.  Brilliant!  Mobile Art Lab.
Design Other Tokyo

He’s only 34

Jamie Oliver's Recipease brand has won a Silver Clio for agency Williams Murray Hamm, London. Part cooking school, part food kit, the brand is about breaking food prep and cooking into easy pieces for assembly, hence the model kit framework inspiration.

Jamie also won the prestigious TED prize 2010 in February. Passionate about tackling obesity and health reform through teaching kids about food and how to cook it, this young man has chosen substance over celebrity... which contributes to his  celebrity star continuing to rise.  A remarkable effort in a few short years.  If you haven't seen it,  watch his TED talk to see the coffins for obese Americans if nothing else!

Jamie Oliver Food UK

New design is in the bag

A bag born in Ballarat is now a global brand.  Crumpler has a new look store & packaging (love the Tyvek).  355 Lt Bourke St (2 doors down from Brother Baba Budan).

Spelling it out for you

I see the National Gallery of Victoria has something new to say this week.  I also love the look of the Recital Hall at night.

Design Other Melbourne

It’s rude to stare

I couldn't help but stare at these stairs.  Nick Parker's work is on the left, Tait Oosthuizen's is on the right.  If you read the fine print on the bottom step the lads are part of No Studio sponsored by GPT / Melbourne Central.