Hola Hermes


How fabulous is the work of French studio zim & zou?! This wonderful window was created for the Hermès store in paseo de gracià, Barcelona.

The intricately folded and vibrantly colored paper and leather installation was made entirely by hand. The orange-and-blue-hued scene tells the story of a small fox who inhabits the space with his own personal objects, giving a glimpse into his quirks and personality. ‘the fox’s den’ is completed with furniture and household objects all made of paper, from the table and stool he sits on to the assemblage of photos hanging on the floral-patterned wall.

Hermès accessories such as ties, scarves and shoes are placed throughout the dwelling, uniting the fashion label’s wearable designs and the delicate and complex papercraft work.

Reposted with thanks from DesignBoom.

Hermes VM Barcelona

1151, 1152, 1153 …

Looking at these amazing installations made from small buttons, I can only conclude that the artist,  Augusto Esquivel, must have the patience of a saint!  I know people who have trouble sewing a shirt button back on .. so I'm thinking 'holier than thou' type saintly patience is involved here.  The thought of constructing one of these actually does my head in. Augusto you are to be admired!  via Augusto Esquivel

VM Other Barcelona

Bye bye Banksy

According to tonight's 6pm news a clueless cleaner has painted over a Banksy in one Melbourne's laneways.  I guess if you're a cleaner and not a curator these things happen.  The news story reminded me that I took lots of pics of graffiti art in Barcelona because it seemed to express the essence of this design driven, vibrant city.    I also spotted this paper-cut girl hiding in an alcove in Niagra Lane (Melbourne) last week.   Whilst it might be illegal to paint and post such work, it contributes to making our cities interesting, savvy and unexpected.

Definitely not a Dionne Doorway

There are no shop windows on the façade and it has a narrow entry ... not the best start really.

H&M has been really clever and used LED light, colour, graphics and motion to capture the attention of the passing parade.  Looked like it was working to me, as there were plenty of people piling in on this particular Saturday afternoon.  Without it I'd say this shop was destined to be a 'Dionne'.

Note:  'Dionne' is a highly technical term coined by my very self a few years ago when reviewing in centre signage for Westfield.  For those of you who are under 40 then let me explain... Motown diva Dionne Warwick had a big hit a guzzilion years ago  ...  'walk on by'.  If anyone can come up with a more contemporary artist/song reference that becomes part of my vernacular then I'll give you a prize (anything by Whitney Houston is automatically disqualified).

H&M Fashion Barcelona

I thought this was a blast

Willy Muller's colourful flower barn has received lots of design press.  I went to Barcelona to see it for myself (as you do when you live half-a-world away). Loved the sandblasted rose detail on the loading docks as well as the use of colourbond.  If you work at one of these 'buildings of interest' then you're quite used to reporters stopping by to smell the roses.  My main man here, Jesus, wanted to know why no one ever took his picture (at least that's what I think he was saying in a hybrid Spanish/Italian 'make it up on the spot' dialog that didn't involve English).   I promised him that he too would be published and I always keep my word.  The big J also ordered me a taxi back to town for which I was most grateful given I was out in a paddock near somewhere close to nowhere.

Design Other Barcelona

Paper wallpaper

You really should study the fine print... the ceiling detail drew my eye into this book store/newsagency in Barcelona.

As a side note:  I love magazines.  I love Mag Nation.  I try not to give my money to a Newsagent these days and have promised myself to only spend my mag money at Mag Nation.  Why?  Well the 'average joe' suburban newsagency in this country is a dusty, messy old dinosaur and they don't deserve my money.   They make no effort to merchandise or even make it slightly interesting.   Now if that's not a retail category that needs a cracker up its morning news I don't know what is.

Tom, Dior, Tod & Friends

Loved the clean lines on this enticing entry designed to embrace the ups and downs of the industry.
Design Fashion Barcelona

Get a foot in the door

Door detail becomes display zone.  Good thinkin' 99.

Hola Ola

Teenie tiny Ola Pao is wow due to the layered wallpaper/graphic/collage combo.

Point me in the right direction would you…

Great LED directional signage at Design Hub in Barcelona (now if an organisation like that can't get it right there's something very wrong going on).

Design Other Barcelona