Chinese Restaurant Syndrome

Ms G has more personality than you can poke a chopstick at and food with bucket loads of flavour (and a fair amount of attitude thrown in for good measure). Some weeks ago now I took a super speedy trip to Sydney for the Fine Food expo and was treated to dinner at this Asian outpost (well for the Merivale Group I guess it's an outpost ... Victoria St Potts Point is not the CBD where they tend to dominate the dining real estate and keep the Sydney social scene on its toes). First up there is the brilliant branding - loved the menu and biz card design (soz, it was too dark to get a pic so you will have to go see for yourself) and the in-your-face artwork (the pop fluoro 621 is the E number for monosodium glutamate and the joke behind the name - darn how clever is that). Mini banh mi rolls, twice-cooked pork belly and grilled corn on the cob was washed down with a v. good wine list. Desserts are hilarious although I was slightly dubious (an exploded jam donut had me thinking wtf? ... but I'm somewhat easily influenced and our 'smooth-yet-subtle-I'm-all-over-this-game' waiter talked us into what turned out to be a sweet sensory sensation). Chefs Dan Hong and Jowett Yu have taken iconic Asian street dishes and served them with premium chilli sauces and zesty dipping mayos with no 621 in sight. It's friendly, fast and loads of fun. Ms G 155 Victoria Street Potts Point Sydney.

Ms G Food Sydney