The Master Storyteller


It's an overwhelming understatement to say "Ted Baker gets what retail is all about".

If they were handing out the Pulitzer to authors of 'brand experience' then Ted would have a swag of them in a heap of different categories (drama, fiction and public service for starters).  Every store tells a unique and highly detailed story.

From big picture thinking to fine grain detail Ted nails it at every touch point. Watch "The Making of Tedbury" (the Bluewater store in the UK) and you'll understand what I'm on about.

The investment in creativity, design and execution excellence is an absolute stand out on the global retail stage.  Take a deep bow Ted Baker.   #podfinds   #tedbaker

Ted Baker VM Fashion UK

Cool down in Kent

Blacksheep is the design team behind quite a few fabulous looking "Jamie's Italian" restaurants in the UK. I really like their work. Regular readers (and POD presentation attendees) will know I became a fan of Nando's after visiting their One New Change restaurant and, as of today, I am all 'peri peri' with design admiration for the new look they have rolled out for their  store in Ashford (Kent, UK).  Via Blacksheep.

Nandos Food UK

Mann oh man she’s talented

How many times have you said to your 3 year old ... 'don't draw on the walls!'? Little did you know you might have been stifling a potential super star. British based Charlotte Mann draws on walls and does it brilliantly.

Design VM UK

Brand on a roll

How cool is this rolling pin by Kathleen Hills.

Design Food UK

Sustainable style

Lots of re-usable coffee cups with lids on the market these days. Most of them are not pretty (according to me). This British re-usable tea cup caught my eye in London last week (I also like the little teapot to wind the bag string around).  Via

Design Food UK

London calling

Only 4 weeks until I head off for the PODs annual ERA (Euro Retail Adventure). Doing lots of late night research and lining up interviews... which lead me to discover these bold coloured bicycles promoting a new Bombay inspired cafe.  Fab looking web site.  I hope the food tastes as good as the photos promise. Via flickr

Dishoom Food London UK

They’ve got this pegged

Artist Matt Bilfield's 'Peggy' reminded me of Harrod's signage I spotted at Heathrow T5 last year. Both caught my eye.
Design Other London UK

Smart tart

Loving the look of Outsider Tart. Seems to me the feel might  inspired by that other very likeable London brand, Leon.  This tart is very smart.

Yee ha

Wrangler has roped in a cow hide or three to create a strong curtain statement. I also like the story installation in the fitting rooms. If you are not paying attention to this component of your store design then you are soooo last century.  Via Dalziel + Pow

Wrangler Fashion London UK

Top looking shop

No.1 niece (architecture student) has just arrived home from her first Euro adventure (back-packing around looking at buildings with the boyfriend). They were telling me about their top picks. Top Shop on Oxford St (London) got a mention (primarily for the reason Qantas lost her bag).  The refurb is quite a dramatic change from the store I saw 18 months ago. Seems the clutter is gone and clean lines are in.  The Personal Shopping suite has been given a major makeover ... these pics do not reflect the positioning we have come to know for this brand.  We are seeing more and more slick store design for young fast fashion brands.  Via DDI.

Top Shop Fashion London UK