Welcome Statement


This entry statement is so cute and inviting I just want to knock on the door and and see what's inside. How about you?

You can find this craft studio in the increasingly cool Austin, Texas, USA.  #PODfinds  Image via their Instagram @thepapercraftpantry 


Pop in Palm Springs

Oh to be pool side and soak up the pop pastel palette of The Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs.
Design Saguaro Hotel USA

CIA spy

BFF (the Californian one) has assured me that I, and my POD bods, would love the new experiential store at the Culinary Institute of America. If you're heading to the West coast then I'd be popping in for an eye-spy. CIA, St Helena, Napa Valley, CA.

Food USA

Designed to sell

Cynthia Rowley  has put the ooooh into poo with her designer diapers (known as nappies down here in the Antipodes).  Her  collaboration with Pampers ranges from pink and frilly to designer denim. Surely this will start a trend and has got to push those Disney-like bottoms along the shelf to make way for more pret-a-porter style stuff for the little stink pots? I spotted them because I spotted these bling bandages just a moment before. Rowley has teamed up with Band-Aid  to create a limited edition tin of sticky plasters. That paper cut pain won't be quite so stingy if you cover it with sequins, lace or a big ol'diamond Band-Aid.  A dollar from the sale of each tin goes to Design Ignites Change. Via The LA Times.

Design Fashion USA