Colour Blocked Blooms

POD_Printemp_May 2013LR Printemp's signature spring blooms and the latest homeware 'must haves' as seen in the windows this May. Exceptional windows as always ... via Printemp

Printemps VM Paris

Printemp Precision

POD_Printemp_March 2013LR Printemp's Paris windows never fail to impress. March 2013. via Printemp 

Printemps VM Other Paris

Pop up with Presence


Whilst looking for some realistic, large format, vinyl hoarding skin references I recalled seeing this Prada store in Paris. Whilst it was 5 years ago now, and only open for 5 months, it makes temporary look timeless and rather fabulous don't you think? The graphic design was a tribute to the Mirabeau Bridge, the first bridge in Paris to be created from metal. The space features illusory perspectives and a spacious double storey layout. A very slick case of  'smoke and mirrors', as we would expect from Prada. via Dazed Digital

VM Fashion Paris

City of Light

Paris is the City of Light. The Place Vendome did not disappoint with a contemporary take on twigs & trees that sparkle this Christmas.

VM Paris

Bon Marche in Black & Gold

Le Bon Marche's Christmas theme celebrates the architecture of Paris with tres cute back lit minature buildings scattered throughout the store. The main void has a rather minimalist take on bells. Contemporary, simple and dramatic, I think you needed to be there to appreciate just how effective it was.

Le Bon Marche VM Paris

Lanvin’s got legs

Lanvin's Christmas windows are a little madcap this season with mannequin's arms and legs projecting from trees adorned with bags, shoes and trinkets along with traditional baubles.  Spotted on the Rue St Honore, Paris.

VM Fashion Paris

Flower power

Why put a bag over your head when a big bunch of flowers is so much prettier? This has been a strong VM trend over the past 12 months with Printemps doing it better than most. Pic thanks to RDB.

Printemps VM Paris

Neat as a Nippy

A skilled front of house person is of equal importance to the food and furnishings.

I snapped these French waiters on the Rue St Honore  in Paris and discovered The Perfect Nippy leafing through "The Art of Looking Sideways" (Phaidon). According to the book, Lyons Cornerhouses were an extensive chain of teashops in the UK founded at the turn of the previous century and closed down during the swinging sixties. The Lyon's waitress, or 'Nippy' as she was known, was formally dressed and Lyon's worked extremely hard to maintain the dress code as expressed in this instruction issued to its staff in 1937.

If only such attention to detail was applied to the middle ground dining scene here in Australia. Whilst the casual uniform category has been reinvented  by the likes of Cargo Crew there is a long way to go with regard to the service skills of those wearing the designer garb.

Fashion Food Paris

Slim line stems

A narrow footpath and frontage doesn't deter this florist from making a colourful statement that tucks neatly into the shopfront. When closed you have no idea it transforms into such a charming street statement. Spotted in Paris.

Design VM Paris

Uber Zuber

Zuber is a French brand established in 1797 that is still producing the paints, woodblock printed wallpapers and furnishing fabrics as they have done for the last 200+ years.

I discovered their tiny shop as I wandered the streets of the Left Bank. Upon stepping inside, and not being familiar with the brand, at first I was not  quite sure what the offer was all about. Stackable glass sample pots that look very like a range of high end nail polishes, a dark and moody space subtly lit with chandeliers, an antique chair and Chinoise screen ... it could have been a perfumery for all I knew. A quick chat with the charming interior designer and I soon discovered I was a long way from the paint department in Bunnings.

You can find Zuber at 12 Rue des Saints-Pères, 75007.  It is just a stones throw from the Seine.

Design Zuber Paris