Hot tamale

My gorgeous foodie friend Gilly J was over from Perth quite some months ago now.  A girly goss and great lunch at the Newmarket was all the go given it had just opened .. but then I got busy and forgot I'd taken some spy snaps (which I have just found filed in a folder I would never have thought to look in had I been looking for them). Whilst it's no longer 'new' and has had plenty of press I almost passed on posting these pics but then I thought why not... the chilies, garlic and artichoke installation is unexpected, the lunch was a smokey Latino inspired love fest of flavours with great plate presentation, the service was happy, the indoor-outdoor dining feel was perfect for fine weather dining back in February and Six Degrees has delivered another pub design that punches well above its weight. From the same stable as the Royal Saxon in Richmond, the Middle Park and Albert Park Hotels... if you haven't been then you should get out more.

Talk to the hand

Golly the GOMA is good. I flew up from Melbourne last year to see the Valentino Exhibition (simply stunning... and well worth a plane ride). I popped in to see the Surrealism show from Paris' Pompidou last weekend. I was taken in by the rather fluid and beautiful hand washing projection by Taiwanese artist, Charwei Tsai (you have to go to the ladies loos to see it on the sink tho').

Design GOMA Brisbane

Seen sprouting at Southbank

Loved these planter boxes to promote Brissy's regional food producers festival that fires up this weekend. Must admit to being a tad disappointed to discover the concept design was imported from Melbourne. Southbank's team of gardeners did the assembly and planting ... and haven't they done a fabulous job of restoring the parklands since the floods went through 6 months ago. From what I can see Brissy has bounced back brilliantly.

Sat & Sun, 30 & 31 July 2011.

And furthermore:

Since posting the story this morning I have received news from Southbank on the planter box designers. Sister's Michelle and Maddie are the creative force behind Sow N Sow. These talented gardening girls grew up in Brisbane so are definitely in the know about what seeds they should sow in this town. The good news is that this creative pair have bloomed internationally in recent years and now base themselves out of Melbourne. Well done to them I say!

Design Food Brisbane

Tell tale tiles

Have the loo's on the cafe laneway level of Melbourne Central always looked like this? If so, I hate being the last one in the know! Love the dramatic B&W city scape story telling.

Nicole by night & day

Nicole Fahri's window caught my eye one evening and was just as striking by daylight.

VM Fashion London

A bulb or two goes on in Beirut

When I converted from a newsletter to a blog format 18 months ago I didn't realise the upside would be that  I would find new on-line friends from all around the world. The downside being that, no matter whether it's a newsletter or a blog, it still takes a lot of time to find, finesse and file stories that are interesting and celebrate innovation (FYI I've actually stopped reading a lot of blogs to ensure I don't repeat stories - given the velocity of viral news - and waste time worrying that I'm telling you about something you already know about... lordy!). Benedicte Flouriot is a blog buddy in Beirut. PSLab is a bespoke lighting laboratory doing fabulous things with illumination.  Benedicte keeps me  in the loop with their latest lux projects. I love the look of their make over of, Isis, one of the cities oldest rooftop bars. Whilst I have never been to the Middle East because of the negative news we get here associated with bombings etc. I am increasingly intrigued... and just may get there yet!

Design pslab Beirut

Limestore’s square

I found 33 Squares in the back blocks of Newstead yesterday, yet another cool little cafe discovered in downtown BrisVegas. Taking up 33 squares of the Limestore foyer, I also loved the large artwork that celebrates the buildimg's original usage (tanning hides that were shipped to Italy to be made into shoes and accessories). 33 Squares / Limstore, 33 Longland Street Newstead Brisbane.

Food Brisbane

Go straight to the Source

Jerome Battern and Louis Joseph have added to Brisbane's gourmet grocery landscape with their laid-back look and range of 'love-it' produce.  Seasonal and local is supplemented by staples from a little further afield if a local producer can't be found.  Reclaimed boards in a pastel palette and potted plants soften the entry to a warehouse shell that is tucked into a side street in Teneriffe. Talented baker, Terry Wilson's Levain breads, Bangalow Pork, Eumundi Smokehouse Meats, Mirrool Creek Lamb, Murrumbooee Sauces & Preserves from the Gold Coast hinterland, Farmer Jo muesli, Yatta Pasta, a chilled cheese room  full of fab finds and fresh produce at competitive prices makes this a destination for fresh food with flavour.  You can also kick back with a coffee, stop by for brekkie or lob in for lunch. It looked like the locals were loving it when I popped in yesterday. If you live in Brissy, and haven't been, then I'd suggest you go straight to the source.  Sourced Grocer, 11 Florence Street Tennerife, Brisbane. Oh and BTW the gorgeous graphics were done by friends and local lads, Dave and Tom, at one iota (think I need to pop in and meet them too - love their work).

Honestly it’s good

If you know Padre at South Melbourne Market and The Brunswick East Project then you won't be surprised that their third cafe is also good and honest. These really nice lads are slaying city suits in the coffee aisles with their two mint coloured machines (Slayers FTNITK ... err that would be ...For Those Not In The Know). The League of Honest Coffee, 8 Exploration Lane Melbourne, is just around the corner from Miss Chu ... oh and BTW... the bottom 3 pics are from Broadsheet given most of my snaps were horrible.

Think Tank

Bill Makris's new fish and chippery in Carlton is a stylish take on the traditional Aussie F&C shop (typically run by Greek families in the 70's and 80s). A modern Mykonos palette of white and Agean blue has become a bright beacon on the corner of Lygon St and Argyle Square. Some serious design thought has gone into Tank. Find it at 149 Lygon St Carlton.

Design Food Melbourne