How Greville got its groove back

I'm feeling bad.  Ladro has been on my POD list for weeks now but I've only just got around to logging on and loading their pics (for readers who think I sit around blogging and filing my nails all day .. you are so wrong). But back to Ladro ... no more schlepping across town to Gertrude St for me, this sumptuous wood fired roast of the day and pizza-that-borders-on-perfection has seemingly settled in very nicely south of the Yarra given the crowd factor I've found each time I've been there. Framed by sophisticated industrial design this new foodie spot is sensational. Ladro, 162 Greville Street, Prahran, Melbourne.

Ladro Food Melbourne

Polka dot peddles

Retro bikes are still the coolest accessory around ... am loving this bespoke set of spokes by the sustainable fashion label, Gorman.  And it's not just some attention seeking window bling either ... for $499 you could be spotted riding around town on this wonderfully wacky set of wheels.  Gorman at Melbourne's GPO.
Gorman Fashion Melbourne

Smart tart

Loving the look of Outsider Tart. Seems to me the feel might  inspired by that other very likeable London brand, Leon.  This tart is very smart.

A tricky treat

Combine loads of vintage mirrors with a grand old dame like GPO and I'm thinking we have a mini Versaille happening here.  Fleur Wood has opened at Melbourne's premier palace of fab fashion brands.  Whilst is was v. tricky to snag a few good happy snaps (without me appearing in a mirror), this store is a fashion treat.

Yee ha

Wrangler has roped in a cow hide or three to create a strong curtain statement. I also like the story installation in the fitting rooms. If you are not paying attention to this component of your store design then you are soooo last century.  Via Dalziel + Pow

Wrangler Fashion London UK

More top stuff

One of the problems with a blog is that you read the last story first. This story follows the one below. London's Top Shop makeover was inspired by the new NYC flagship.  Clean navigation lines and stronger, more spacious story landing locations work for me.  Via Dalziel + Pow

Top looking shop

No.1 niece (architecture student) has just arrived home from her first Euro adventure (back-packing around looking at buildings with the boyfriend). They were telling me about their top picks. Top Shop on Oxford St (London) got a mention (primarily for the reason Qantas lost her bag).  The refurb is quite a dramatic change from the store I saw 18 months ago. Seems the clutter is gone and clean lines are in.  The Personal Shopping suite has been given a major makeover ... these pics do not reflect the positioning we have come to know for this brand.  We are seeing more and more slick store design for young fast fashion brands.  Via DDI.

Top Shop Fashion London UK

Fair call

Vanity Fair’s World Architecture Survey asked 52 of the world's leading architects, critics and deans of architecture to nominate the 5 most important buildings built since 1980.  The most voted building was Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.  I thought Rem Koolhaas's Seattle Central Library quite spectacular.  Via Vanity Fair.