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I'm researching for a trip to NYC and USA later this year.  Pleased to report that a couple of Sydney lads, Giles Russell and Henry Roberts, are making their mark in Manhattan and bringing that relaxed Australian cafe style, and good coffee, to the city that never sleeps. Love the look of Two Hands (it's definitely on the list). These gorgeous images are by photographer Josephine Rozman and sourced via  

Two Hands, 164 Mott Street, NYC, New York.


Two Hands Food New York

Raising the Threshold

POD_Target_GrandCentral_Dollhouse Target launched their new Threshold line of homewares with a pop up, life size dolls house in Grand Central Station.  The pre-fab was trucked in and took a construction team 54 hours to assemble. Once complete,  it was kitted out with 3000 products from the new line. With a longevity less than most pop ups, this brand house was only open for 2 days before disappearing. You can take a look at the construction video on Target's  A Bullseye View.

Target VM New York

Lusting over a Louboutin and a Choo or Two

After spending a rather extravagant 6 weeks on a global snoop for inspiring retail experiences I must say at the end of it I returned home foot sore and sadly underwhelmed. It was tough to find something new out there. I have decided that future explorations will have to be to emerging markets. The use of technology was on my eye-spy agenda. Where it was used for Christmas decorations I gave it the big thumbs down (Barney's Electric Holiday ... a clever concept but not a good in store experience in my opinion ... it just didn't feel like Christmas). Happily the Lord and Taylor department store on 5th Ave used technology to provide a new shoe shopping experience for me. Australian department stores still have floor staff who have to go out the back to check if the shoe is in stock in the required size. It's a slow and lousy experience.  Lord and Taylor have floor staff with hand held devices, they take your name and  then scan any shoe you like.  They can tell you immediately if they have stock in your size. If they do, and you want to try it on, a customer support person pulls it from the back of house and within minutes it has arrived on the floor without the sales person leaving your sight.  Now if only they had more size 11.5's in stock ... sadly I left empty handed.

A Peek at Pollock

In addition to being on the global snoop for what's new in seasonal decorations and retail, I have cooked and styled a couple of food shoots with uber-fab international photographer, Robyn Lea, whilst here in New York. Robyn recently photographed the home and studio of Jackson Pollock in East Hampton, Long Island.  Being a serious foodie, she was interested in more than just the art side to this editorial. The Foundation provided some favourite Pollock recipes which I whipped up and Rob worked her camera magic on this week, including making fresh bread from scratch - haven't done that in years - it turned out a treat!

VM Food New York

Happy Holidays

Bloomingdale's get's my vote for the happiest holiday campaign I have seen in my 'festive season world tour'. The outdoor and print media is immediately recognisable around New York. Being a fan of the illustrator, Jenny Bowers, naturally I had to collect all 6 fab carry bags.

Christmas VM New York

Take one peg board

As a general rule, a page always needs white space if you want it to be read. Cole Haan have taken a leaf from this book of design to deliver a pared back, yet highly effective, window. Speed reading skills are not required to understand the story. Via RDB.
VM Fashion New York

A good VM coach

Love B&W. Love simple line drawings. Love this window as seen in downtown Manhattan, NYC. You've got to love Coach.

VM Fashion New York

And the Oscar goes to…

I've looked at loads of Christmas window VM over the past weeks. A lot of the big International retailers with sizeable budgets didn't really hit the mark for me. The Oscar de la Renta store on Madison in Manhattan was a stand out. A spot on brand moment and, I'm guessing, highly likely to be a very cost effective exercise. Via Oscar's PR girl.

VM Fashion New York

Is this on Target?

If you happen to be in Manhattan today then you could pop into Target's pop up for Missoni. It's open for 3 days only (8-10th Sept) as part of Fashion's Night Out. The 400 piece range will be available in store from Sept 13th. I don't know about you but for me there are some brands that just shouldn't go there (collaborations with the 'cheap and cheerful' end of town ... or as my No. Niece described these collaborations as they just started to emerge a few years ago [at the same time rolling her young cynical eyes] ... "oh that's the bogan-isation of luxury"). It sort of naffs me off that the original, full price, Missoni bath towels hanging in my bathroom might no longer be "a little bit special". Irrespective of how I feel about the brand, I love the stunning decal window treatment. Missoni for Target pop up 1065 Sixth Ave, Manhattan.  Via

Target Fashion New York

Rose’s are red

Whilst I generally like to have 'been and seen' whatever I blog about I just had to share this story spotted on Elle Decor. What an absolutely striking installation (would love to know how they arrived at the display concept) ... and what a gorgeous husband Daniel Rose must be!

When Joanna Rose, a lifelong collector of American red-and-white quilts, turned 80 recently, she had no idea her husband Daniel was planning a show of her collection (I can almost hear the collective 'aww'). She also had no idea that her quilts would inspire an iPhone and iPad app offering a visual and audio tour of 650 of her quilts with commentary by the American Folk Art museum curators and Rose herself. On March 25, the largest quilt display in New York City history (also known as Rose’s birthday gift) opened at the Park Avenue Armory, with towers and spirals of unique red-and-white quilts suspended in the air.  Google suggests more than 20,000 attended the exhibit over the 6 days, Oh 'Appy Days (Download the app for free ... and have a think about how you might do something really special for the person you can't live without the most whilst you're at it ... go on, it won't hurt a bit).  Oh and BTW...Happy Birthday Joanna Rose.

Design New York