I like Pat

Loving the look of Studio Equator's comprehensive brand story and store design for a grilled steak sandwich bar  in inner Melbourne. I am a sucker for screen printed ply and a brand having more than a passing try. It's quirky, fun and friendly. You can read more about it on Studio Equator's blog (big thank you to Carlos and the SE crew for the pics) or just go and have a grilled sandwich the Philly way at Pats.  You can find Pat at 338 Bridge Road Richmond Melbourne.

Design Food Melbourne

More on the go for Ko Ka Ko

New Zealand indie coffee brand with a loyal following, KoKaKo, has opened a good looking new cafe in a somewhat forgotten/dodgey spot on Great North Road. A brand that takes the road less travelled, from all accounts the locals are loving it. Serving up really good coffee, food and service in a great looking space, why wouldn't they be voting with their feet?! If you're living in, or lurking about, Auckland then head to 537 Great North Road Grey Lynn.

KoKaKo Food Auckland

It’s your call

See, like, want, need, scan, sold, sent. Sportsgirl on Chapel St and Woolies on Flinders St Station tap into the app market.

Starbucks … seriously

Kengo Kuma's signature slick stick style repositions Starbucks into a new stratosphere. Not sure I would love to be the staff members assigned the dusting duties, but from a drama perspective it beats the competition with more than one big stick. Click to see another of Kuma's projects previously featured by POD. Via The Contemporist

Design Starbucks Food