Raw and Activated

A small fruit & nut shop with a good story to tell has moved in next to Tea Drop in the South Melbourne Market.  Reclaimed wood, old grape picking baskets and boxes, a sprinkling of worn metal trugs combined with  prices on wood blocks (a big yes to the sign writer) create a simple and effective backdrop for all the goodness in those brown paper bags.

Reflecting the farm where the fruit is grown in northern Victoria, Happy Fruit captures the feel of the drying shed.  I like it!



Designer Dogs

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According to the Animal Health Alliance, Australians spend an enormous $8 billion per year on their furry family members. The RSPCA also estimates that the average dog costs roughly $13,000 over the course of its lifetime.

If I was a pooch, I'd vote for parents who live in South Melbourne.

The Pet Grocer (TPG) has been a stalwart of the South Melbourne Market for many years now and got the mandatory hipster interior makeover a couple of years ago. TPG has upped the design ante a hundred fold and unveiled a flagship store a mere tennis ball toss away on Coventry Street.

Step inside and be impressed by the pared back space that would appear to be inspired by the Aesop school of minimalism and restraint. It's gorgeous.

Fresh bone broths, designer dried-food snack boxes, premium preservative and grain-free fresh and frozen portion control packs sit alongside super stylish accessories and natural health remedies.

I cannot even start to relay the conversation I eavesdropped on ... a doggy Mummy who appeared to have lost complete perspective of the real world. Really. I am sure my mother never gave over so much dialog or thought to the dinners she dished up her 5 kids. As this slightly bonkers (in my professional assessment) Mummy handed over her credit card for $140 worth of food for her 4-legged child I did think the world might be bordering on going completely barking mad.

You can find The Pet Grocer, 249 Coventry Street, South Melbourne.

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Simply French


Paris is Jason McLaren Jones favourite 'go to' city when looking for inspiration for a new cafe (he's delivered quite a few over the past 8 years). Entrecote on Domain Road South Yarra captures the euro mood perfectly. I love the simple signage directive showing the way to take away pastries and and coffee ... well deserved once you're circled the Tan.

entrecote.com.au @entrecotemelbourne  #simplyfrench #melbournecafes

Entrecote Food Melbourne

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The new look Flawless Flowers makes coming up with a design concept look as easy as falling off a log.

Located in what is fundamentally a very basic tin shed, the fit out is rustic, raw and relevant. Rough hewn logs of all sizes and a back drop of black cool room is about it.  The product does 99% of the work.

You can find this visual floral feast at Melbourne's Prahran Market ... you can't miss it!


@flawlessflowersprahranmarket #flawlessflowers www.prahranmarket.com.au www.flawlessflowers.com.au

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Cruffins, Cronuts, Bronuts, Donuts and Scrolls are the hottest things around despite the gluten free & 'I quit sugar' army of followers growing in numbers daily.  Eat a Scroll is a pop up on the increasingly gentrified Smith Street, Collingwood.  It's a bit 'make shift' and grungy which is perfect for the location. The logo caught my eye first (I like it) followed by the quirky, clever message on the footpath A-frame which made it mandatory that I stepped inside for a lookie see.  I didn't sample the fare so can't say if the product matches the promise.


Lab Lines


This large laboratory inspired window decal for Sensory Lab by St Ali is a stand out moment on Lt Collins Street.  #PODfinds



Sometimes in life you just need closure. This door does it for me. You can find Clement Coffee Roasters at South Melbourne Market where they peddle good caffeine and donuts just a few doors up from those famous dim sims.  #PODfinds

Brilliant Light Bulb Moment


High rise apartment blocks continue to sprout all over Melbourne's city scape. Some developers do them well, others not.

POD is a long time fan of the work of Mim Design and their Upper West Side project is no exception. Working with Latitude and Diadem on design and delivery, this playful communication celebrates the sites old power station heritage and appeals the youthful lifestyle that now lives within.

Images via www.mimdesign.com.au

www.diadem.com.au and www.latitudegroup.com.au


Rustic by The Roadside


I seem to be obsessed with small sheds and roadside stalls this week. Melbourne's The Roadside Stall florist was my pick for best in show at the MIFGS last month. Rustic, reclaimed props, terracotta pots of succulents and big rolls of natural twine & brown paper supported a stunning show of sunflowers, tulips, lillies and chrysanthemum.  Loved the gravel by Eco Group which is made from 100% recycled bricks. #byjoost

You can find the stall in Monbulk or Spring Street or discover more on facebook.com/theroadstall or twitter.com/ecogroup1


Curb appeal

POD Daylesford Org Victoria Daylesford Organics (not to be confused with the posh 'all white and oak' London noshery) is a farm north of Melbourne. Certified organic, they focus on sustainability and biodiversity and produce up to 40 varieties of apples a season, hazelnuts, berries, free range eggs and vegetables. Heirloom varieties with lots of different flavours and colours are a speciality. Selling their quality produce to local cafés, restaurants and through farmer's markets, you can also collect a just picked apple via their super cute roadside stall.