Woo hoo

I kicked off Spring with a trip to Sydney and discovered who puts the hoo in woo. The talented trio of Woo sisters have a superb shop that hits all the marks mentioned in the Starbucks story below.  Their clever functional fashion (made here in Oz) is combined with a unique collection of little curios that make gorgeous gifts for girls.  Silly me didn't ask the name of the lovely lady running the shop, but she deserves a mention for her smile and customer service style.  I'd love to sit down and have High Tea with the three Mrs Woo's. Over a soothing cup of Ooolong & cucumber sandwich I'd suggest they open a store in Melbourne.  High Tea with Mrs Woo can be found at number Seventy Too, Oxford Street Paddington, or on line at the same name dot com dot a u (a gorgeous web site by the way).

Dancing on the ceiling

If you are middle-aged you will remember Nicole Ritchie's dad danced on the ceiling. I believe it was the fabulous Victor and Rolf store in Milan that originally turned store design on its head.  The latest Peter Alexander jim-jam store in Sydney's Mid City is also looking up. For the young ones who havent seen this approach before I'm sure they'll think it's fun (lordy, I sound like my mother).

Plum job

Apparently Nicole Richie flew into Sydney last Thursday to open the revamped Mid City mall on Pitt St (somehow I missed that bit of 'Hollywood comes to coat-hanger city' hoo-ha).  Maybe they employed a plumber to help deliver the industrial loft look at Uscari?  A simple approach to what is not a simple life... as Nicole well knows.

Uscari Fashion Sydney